Progettazione e costruzione linea AV/AC tratta Milano/Verona

The Milan-Verona high-speed/high-capacity  railway line, with a total length of about 139 km, is being designed between Brescia and Verona; while the site for the Treviglio-Brescia segment is going to be started soon. The Treviglio-Brescia high-speed/high-capacity segment covers about 39 km across 20 municipalities in the provinces of Milan, Bergamo and Brescia and connects in the node of Brescia through the "Brescia Ovest" interconnection, about 14 km long, and the next urban crossing segment being 4 km long; all segments run alongside the existing line up to the station of Brescia. The work included the scope of works - in particular power line, interconnection roadways and miscellaneous crossings - will affect the territory of other 12 municipalities. In September 2009, CIPE, while approving the final project, authorized the execution of the first construction lot of the Treviglio-Brescia segment; works included also in the priority projects along the European corridors TEN_T pursuant to Law 191/2009 article 2 paragraphs 232, 233 and 234. Preliminary activities for the execution of the works are currently in progress. The second construction lot "Brescia-Verona" will cross the territory for about 73 km and will be connected to the existing line through 2 junctions with a total length of about 7 km. The whole work is structured as follows: -             Main Line: 112 km -             "Slow" line junctions: 27 km For a total of about 139 km, subdivided as follows: -             Raised                      74% (102.87 km) -             Viaducts                      8% (  11.12 km) -             Natural tunnels            5% (    6.95 km) -             Artificial tunnels             8% (  11.12 km) -             Cutting/ "U”  walls          5% (    6.95 km) Railway viaducts: made with prefabricated box-shaped girders and completion concrete slab. Natural tunnels: by conventional excavation except for the Lonato tunnel (length 4757 m diameter 8.70 m) where the use of milling cutter type TMB Mixshield is forecast. Artificial tunnels: made using box-shaped elements in reinforced concrete with or without metal/reinforced concrete bulkheads Railway bridge: made with decks of mixed steel/concrete structure.


Employer: € 4.700.000.000,00

Works amount: € 191.747.899,53  - Importo tratta MI-BS:     € 1.652.750.000,00 (ns. quota 12%)

Works start: 01 february 2012 (line MI-BS)

Works end: in progress

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